It can even tell.. but can it return??

Ah, after a long time, this feels good! Well, thanks to my chicken pox, I have become a more patient, silent and slowed down version of myself. How? Those details let’s just save for sometime later, but for today I would like to scribble about something that has been bothering me for long and my current bed rest has only increased its share of my mindspace..

TIME..yes, the only resource that can be plenty or scarce at once, the only dimension that Mr. Musk or the likes can’t touch/alter or juggle with and the only phenomenon that defines our existence. Have you every really paused and made note of the date, the month, the year that you currently are at ..and how far away you have come from the origin (0,0)?

Just to put things into perspective, I just noticed today that the chair on which I sat today for dinner is the very own chair I used to sit while preparing for my board exams, the mirror that I used today to see my blisters is the same mirror that I barely reached the height of when I shifted to this house, the stairs that I climbed today are the same that I  used to climb to rush to the terrace and look out for my crush’s bike in class IXth. 17 years!! yes, that’s the amount of time I have spent living here.. the walls have seen me growing up to this 29 year old version from a 13 year old… time crawls, time runs,time flies, it passes but it can never return..

Coming back to my concern about this phenomenon called time which seems to be so much less always.. I have recently felt a fair amount of restlessness within me ..which is only growing urgency to utilize this special resource effectively coz I am running out of it.. does this feeling of urgency resonate with you? like what you have been doing or what you are up to..doesnt even fluff a fly in the larger scheme of things? 100s and 1000s of us take birth, go to schools, get a job, get married, have kids, travel, get our kids married, die? why? Is there anyone who is doing something different? Do we NEED to do something different? Are we all “utilizing our resource effectively” or we are just living the ants’ lives? I really don’t know but then is there an instruction manual on how to live?

After a lot of reflection, others’ perspective, readings and discussions..i have realized one thing that seems to be right..A sense of purpose comes along once you start working in the direction of what you say is “your calling”. The biggest challenge is to find your gift and spread it across. Whether it creates an impact,makes a difference ..i don’t know,it doesn’t matter coz, one thing that it does change is the feeling of your being, the feeling of your purpose, the feeling of your fulfilment..

So, carry on folks, the clock is ticking, the sun is rising and setting, the stars are revolving and your distance from the origin is increasing every second.. make your time worthy, your way.. squeeze the best out of it, in your Own style 🙂

As I said, after figuring out the need for purpose, the next big challenge is to find your spark that will help you SEEM to utilize your time effectively, glitter your own world. For that, keep following this space.. I will be back soon.

P.S. I need rest so ciao, please pray that I don’t get any permanent marks from this stupid disease!


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