First of many! (Hopefully)

After a long long delay, I finally have time to put pen to paper or in true sense fingers to keyboard! #dadjoke

Welcome to our collaborative blog “Three Continents Apart”!

For those who don’t know us we are three childhood friends who survive and thrive in three corners of the world. Sometimes I marvel, how each of us drew our life path in completely different colors and managed to stay connected via technology. Thanks to our love for gossip!

Here’s a quick introduction:

Latika; The globetrotter boss: Role model to every ambitious girl, Latika is a bad ass manager and is quite a workaholic! That doesn’t stop her from living life king style! Latika is currently based in Gurgaon, India . She isn’t married yet and all of us are waiting for the day she finds her dulha!

PS: Not many would know, she is also poetic so this blog might be in for some deep philosophies.

Sonam; The artist who codes: It’s hard to describe Sonam to whom who haven’t met her. A ball of energy who has unbelievable patience when she’s working on an art piece. And she loves to code, it’s no joke she has more than 1500 hours of coding under her belt. Sonam is currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and lives with her adorable husband Sumit.

Fun fact: Sonam had painted more than 300 art pieces until now!

Prachi; aka me! I’ve been in New York  for the past 6 years and am living the good ‘ol American dream but miss home back in India every passing moment. I am married to my best friend so there is never a dull moment in my life. Professionally speaking, I am passionate about digital products and marketing and work as Product Manager at a Marketing firm (Yes, I found my true calling!).

However different our worlds might be, all three of us have many things in common, Love for travel, Love for food, Love for shopping clothes and make up! This blog is going to be all that, sometimes it will just be a shopping haul that we want to discuss while other times we will bring out the deep stuff that we want to talk about.

Here’s to trying something new!



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